Hey ECN,


Come on, gang, surely we all have very cool specimens in our collections that are connected with interesting stories related to where, how (or how long ago), or under what circumstances they were collected. Perhaps some enigma they resolved or that their discovery led to?!


Please send me a title for our proposed new ECN segment, Giving Voices to Our Specimens: Vignettes from a Myriad Chapters in our Entomological Collections.


These are meant to be short stories - a title slide and a limit of four additional slides – so up to 5 slides in a 5 minute presentation.









Dr. Daniel K. Young


Chair, NCB/ESA Linnaean Games Committee
Co-Chair, UW Natural History Museums Council

Professor of Entomology and
Director, UW Insect Research Collection (WIRC)
445 Russell Laboratories
Department of Entomology
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University of Wisconsin
Madison, WI  53706

ph.  608-262-2078
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Hemidendroides daglariensis (Young)

Nur Dašlari mountains, Turkey