Hi Everyone,

This is the official statement forwarded below from the Head Curator Dr. Janet Braun, written by Interim Director Dr. Dan Swan, about the status of the Recent Invertebrates Collection here at the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History.

The curator position will be terminated August 14th, 2019, of which I was notified on June 13th, 2019. Our Collection Manager Melissa Sadir will have her last day July 26th before going to graduate school for her masters, and I will be taking PTO after that point as well until the end date excluding time in to hopefully complete some grant goals. Both positions are not looking to be replaced for several years. Therefor, if you have any questions about loans or specimen status before that time please let me know by July 26th, otherwise you will have to contact the address below.

Thank you all so much for helping make the hidden gems in the collection involved in your research. We are especially proud of the re-curation and reorganization of the collection to allow full access, and the building of one of the best collections of recently-collected Philippine material. It was fulfilling to help you utilize the diversity contained in the collection, and the collaborations that were developed to build on universal entomological knowledge. I only hope that you all can continue to access it at the level you need and deserve.


Dr. Katrina Menard
Curator of Recent Invertebrates
t. 304.994.2733 (cell)
f. 405.325.7699
Sam Noble Museum
University of Oklahoma
2401 Chautauqua Ave. Norman, OK 73072-7029
—After August 14th, 2019 my email will be [log in to unmask]