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The Ohio State University
Luciana Musetti, PhD, Curator
College of Arts & Sciences Dept. EEOB
Triplehorn Insect Collection, 1315 Kinnear Road, Columbus, OH 43212-1157
614-292-2730 Office / 614-292-8082 Office
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Sent: Wednesday, July 31, 2019 11:50 AM
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Subject: Appraisal


I am looking for a professional to appraise a small insect collection — 28 Cornell drawers, 300 “jars” (I’ve no idea of size, content), etc. Please send me suggestions / contact me directly.


— Luciana


Luciana Musetti, PhD | Curator
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The Ohio State University | Triplehorn Insect Collection | 1315 Kinnear Road, Columbus, OH 43212-1157 | Office 614-292-2730 | Fax 614-292-7774