Harry was very supportive of me and my work, as I know he was of others.  I regularly turned to him for advice when I was editor.  He is the kind of person who provided strength to AFEE in particular and institutionalism more generally.  He was a kind and generous man.   
Glen Atkinson
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While I didn't know Harry well, I do remember him as a good, decent, and right-thinking fellow. I also remember that he really liked the BBQ at Bryant's, the old, truly KC joint, when I took him there for lunch years ago. Yes, as folks have written, he will be missed.


John F. HenryLevy Economics Institute of Bard College
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Subject: Re: Harry Trebing 1926-2019 I am very saddened by this news. Harry was tremendously supportive of my work on the history of institutionalism and I always looked forward to conversations with him about institutionalism and cars!
Malcolm Rutherford. 

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As Anne said, Harry Trebing was a good institutionalist and a very good person.  His works -especially on public utilities and regulation – will be read for a long-time.  He was also very kind to young academics.  Early in my career, Harry helped me a great deal.  I am sorry to hear about his death. He will be sorely missed.
Jim Peach 
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Harry Trebing was a good Institutionalist and a very good person.
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Subject: Harry Trebing 1926-2019
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Dear Family and Friends:
I wanted to let you know that our wonderful father, Harry Trebing, died peacefully yesterday in Washington, DC.  Evan, Jody and I have attached a letter to you, a copy of his obituary that will be placed in the papers, and a marvelous article written several years ago by his great friend, Dave Schwartz.
Please feel free to forward this to his many friends and colleagues.
Kind regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
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