Nineteenth-Century Music Review Volume 16 / Issue 2, August 2019 

Mariano Castro de Gistau (d 1856) and the Vogue for the Spanish Guitar in
Nineteenth-Century Britain
Erik Stenstadvold

‘The Worst Oratorio Ever!’: Colonialist Condescension in the Critical
Reception of George Tolhurst’s Ruth (1864)
Sarah Kirby

The Significance of Small Journeys: Travel and the Congregational Music of
Kroonvale, South Africa
Marie Jorritsma

‘Ein dürftiger Stoff’: Hermann and the Failure of German Liberation Opera
Kasper van Kooten

Book Reviews
David Wyn Jones, Music in Vienna: 1700, 1800, 1900 (Woodbridge: The Boydell
Press, 2016). x+277 pp. £25.00.
Janet K. Page

Arman Schwartz and Emanuele Senici, eds. Giacomo Puccini and his World
(Princeton: Princeton University Press). viii+350 pp. £27.95.
Ditlev Rindom

Bruce P. Gleason, Sound the Trumpet, Beat the Drums: Horse-Mounted Bands of
the U.S. Army, 1820–1940 (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 2016). xiii
+ 249 pp. $32.95.
Patrick Warfield

Christina Bashford and Roberta Montemorra Marvin, eds, The Idea of Art
Music in a Commercial World, 1800–1930 (Woodbridge: The Boydell Press,
2016). xv+350 pp. $115.00.
Marian Wilson Kimber

Charles Youmans, Mahler and Strauss: In Dialogue (Bloomington: Indiana
University Press, 2016). xix+283 pp. £28.99.
Thomas Peattie

CD Reviews
John Field, Complete Nocturnes - Elizabeth Joy Roe pf - Decca 4789672, 2016
(1 CD: 86 minutes), $13
Majella Boland

Piotr Il’yich Tchaikovsky, The Nutcracker: Complete Ballet Arranged for
Solo Piano - Stewart Goodyear pf - Steinway and Sons 30040, 2015 (1 CD: 82
Damien Mahiet

Franz Danzi, Music for Piano and Winds - Ensemble f2: Steven Devine pf,
Katy Bircher fl, James Eastaway ob, Jane Booth cl and basset horn, Anneke
Scott hn, Ursula Leveaux bn - Devine Music 2, 2013 (1 CD: 80 minutes); and
Devine Music 4, 2015 (1 CD: 70 minutes)
Ingrid E. Pearson

Ernő Dohnányi, Piano Quintets Op. 1 & 26 - Shmuel Ashkenasi vln, Nobuko
Imai vla - Trio Nota Bene: Julien Zufferey vln, Xavier Pignat vc, Lionel
Monnet pf - Claves 50-1505, 2015 (1 CD: 52 minutes)
Angela Willoughby

Josef Gabriel Rheinberger - Josef Gabriel Rheinberger, Musica sacra Carus
83.336, 2015 (10 CDs: 585 minutes). Notes by Felix Loy - Josef Gabriel
Rheinberger, Die Wasserfee; Weltliche Lieder und Quartette, Lydia Teuscher
sop, Christine Müller mezzo, Andreas Weller ten, Klaus Häger bar, Götz
Payer pf Carus 83.376, 2013 (1 CD: 76 minutes). Notes by Felix Loy
Nick Strimple

DVD Review
Franz Schubert, Winterreise - Matthias Goerne bar, Markus Hinterhäuser pf -
William Kentridge visualizations and stage direction - C Major 738008, 2017
(1 DVD: 85 minutes [concert] + 53 minutes [bonus])
James Parsons

Score Review
Johannes Brahms, Sonatas in F minor and E-flat major for Clarinet and
Piano, op. 120, edited by Clive Brown and Neal Peres Da Costa
Bärenreiter-Verlag Urtext (Kassel: Bärenreiter, 2015).
Cecilia Kang

Multimedia Review
Inside the Hearing Machine - Inside the Hearing Machine: Beethoven on His
Broadwood; Piano Sonatas Opus 109, 110 and 111 - Tom Beghin pf Evil Penguin
Records Classic EPRC 0025, 2017 (1 CD: 63 minutes) Liner notes by Tom
Beghin, Robin Wallace, Thomas Wulfrank and Martha de Francisco - Inside the
Hearing Machine - Steven Maes director Evil Penguin Productions and the
Orpheus Institut, 2017 (online film: 54 minutes) Available at - Inside the Hearing Machine -
Orpheus Institut, Website includes
360-degree videos, sound clips and other resources
Elaine Sisman

Digital Resource Review
Music in Gotham: The New York Scene, 1862–1875
F Javier Albo

Review Essay
The Analyst’s Voice
Nicholas Marston


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