Performing Clara Schumann: Keyboard Legacies and Feminine
Identities in the Long Romantic Tradition

To celebrate the bicentennial of Clara Schumann (neé Wieck)’s birth, the
conference “Performing Clara Schumann,” held November 16-17, 2019 at
Cornell University, will explore a myriad of interpretive opportunities for
understanding the historical and cultural milieu surrounding the virtuosa’s
life and work. We are particularly interested in feminist contemplations of
keyboard legacies from Clara Schumann’s time to our own, and we will accept
proposals for the following topics:

* Clara Schumann’s pianism and her engagements with piano techniques,
methods, and schools of thought
* Clara Schumann’s transcriptions and allusive works
* Clara Schumann and musical friendship
* Historically informed and/or carnal musicological approaches to analyzing
Clara Schumann’s works
* Clara Schumann’s improvisational networks and dialogic musicking
Clara Schumann as concert virtuoso/ her impact on the history of female
virtuoso performance
* Clara Schumann within the canon: the “priestess” legacy and issues of
historiographical normativity
* Clara Schumann and musical institutions: contemplating the long Romantic
conservatory tradition (19th-21st centuries)
* Clara Schumann and the legacy of memory: historic portraits

The conference committee accepts the following formats:

* Individual papers (20 min long, 10 min discussion)
* Lecture-recitals (45 min long, 15 min discussion)

Abstracts, either for individual papers or lecture-recitals, should be no
longer than 300 words and should include a broad overview of your topic and
methodology, including repertoire considered, if and when appropriate.
Graduate students and early-career scholars are encouraged to apply.

Most lectures and concerts will take place in Barnes Hall and Lincoln B20
at Cornell University, and standard presentation equipment will be
available. Participants are also encouraged to make use of the broad range
of instruments provided by the Cornell Center for Historical Keyboards.

Please format proposals as Word or Pages documents. Also include your name,
institutional affiliation, and short 200-word biography only in the body of
the email, submitting all materials to Theodora Serbanescu-Martin, ts776
-at- by September 15, 2019.



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