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Pennsic 48 has come to a close, and we have all had some time to decompress following the grand event. This year we saw some hurdles to overcome in the camp area, and I thank everyone who was eager to assist in resolving tough scenarios.

There have been some changes in our land allotment the last couple of years that I attempted to keep invisible to those camping in Calontir, so as not to disrupt the enjoyment of the War. This year has shown that we need to address these changes and make efforts to address exacerbating problems internally. Over the years of declining attendance at Pennsic, we have become comfortable in the elbow room we have to spread out. Pennsic 46 and 47 saw roughly 80-85 people in the Calontir Camp. When combined with the 20K square feet allocated to the Kingdom of Calontir as a Royal Encampment, this allowed us the opportunity to make comfortable use of the ample land.

The "Populace of Calontir" is a separate and adjacent camp group per Pennsic rules. As of Pennsic 47 (last year), Pennsic Land changed the requirements to qualify for the Royal Encampment space from being only 1 pre-registered person to claim the land, to requiring 20% of the square-footage be filled with paid pre-registrations. This new rule can now be found in the "Land Rules" on the website. I have fought this change, however Land One at Pennsic retains all authority in the matter.
Which ever way the numbers are viewed, the "Kingdom of" allotment has been reduced by 4000sqft, to 16,000sqft. We were able to absorb that lost space with minimal notice at Pennsic 47. Pennsic 48 became a very different story.

Calontir had 95 pre-registrations between the two distinct Camp Groups. Five of those pre-regs were full adult registrations made by people intending to camp elsewhere, who paid for the land so that Calontir would not be in the position we were for so many years at Pennsic (one giant walk hazard). We had two pre-regs where the people were unable to attend after the refund date. This should have meant we had 19,750sqft, with some breathing room in the "Populace Of Calontir" portion of the camp. Pennsic Land then applied compression on our block so as not to force either of the two small camps that now share N05 with us off of the block. We were allocated 18,368sqft. This is a difference of 1382sqft. The net result was about 5,400sqft less than we expected.

The above hurdles are largely outside of our control, but issues with which we have to contend. Internally we had other issues that we can, and must address. We had 95 pre-registrations, and roughly 120 people in the camp at final count. Less than half of those who pre-reg'd either contacted me with their tent information and arrival dates, or provided that information on the muster list (with most doing both). This left critical information absent from the ability to plan. The request to provide that information had been repeated for several months before Pennsic. This is not a new process, either, but has been a constant for decades.
Even those who were not pre-registered overwhelmingly contacted me to provide their information. Many who did pre-reg arrived with tents and shade-flys that greatly exceeded the individual land allotment. I am greatly appreciative to those who were willing to move or have comforts taken down to ensure everyone could be accommodated.

The 40 or so non-pre-reg'd people were not turned away, as other camps or Kingdoms might have, because Calontir Does Not Turn Away Family. This is one of the first traditions I learned of Calontir, and I wouldn't be here at all if not for this dictum. That being said, we need to find ways to address the 20-40% non-preregistration rate we typically have at Pennsic. I encourage discussion on this point especially.

Toward the end, Their Majesties and I agreed that we would begin filling in the Courtyard with tents should more people arrive than we could place anywhere else. We did not have to go to that point, we had just enough space to get everyone in, despite having some extremely tight quarters and limited unobstructive paths through the camp for people to get to their tents. As I remarked often the last two weeks: "It's just like the old days!"

I wish to thank anyone who has taken the time to read through this message in it's entirety. We, as a Kingdom attending Pennsic, have several issues to address so that we can continue to both enjoy ourselves as individuals and maintain what it is to be Calontir At War.

Vels (Viga-Valr Viligisl)
Your Pennsic Land Agent

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