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Unless I have problems with my printer, I plan to have ten copies of my handouts read for my classes tomorrow. If, however, you are not attending the event or should come to the event and I should miraculously be out of handouts, the following links will take you to my google docs for them.

This is the link to “The Look for Less.” (This class will be at 1pm in class room B.)

I should note, that this class WILL NOT be a sewing class. It is more of a guide on how to dress rather than how to make it and is intended for those who don’t sew, are new to sewing, or can sew but would rather spend their time doing something else. —Now, one of my best friends pointed out that I’m a little bit “fashion police-y” in this hand out, but that is the purpose of the class. It’s to help you dress more authentically and look like you belong in the Middle Ages. 

The link to my Court Etiquette Class is: 

This class will be at 3pm, also in classroom B. 

In this class we’ll learn about proper forms of address as well as what to expect in Court and what to do when you’re called into Court. These things are not included in the handout because I feel that they’re better learned in person from someone cracking jokes and being friendly rather than read in cold black and white. (If you have regalia and are willing to be a visual aid, that would be fabulous!) 

Be prepared to role play! 

Also, I should add that I will have an adorable little class helper in both classes. Fair warning, I tend to feed him whenever he gets hungry. 

P.S. I am not on the Booke of Faces, so please cross-post to your heart’s desire. 

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