Your recent backups… what are you backing up from? If you mean your Time Machine backups, well it all depends on whether the original files on your hard drive are infected. Before you worry about how to clean the files up, first determine IF they are infected. 

If they aren’t, then delete the files on your host site and re-upload from your hard drive. If they are infected, then you need to clean up the files. I’ve only ever had one problem that was easily remedied with Combo Cleaner. Perhaps others can recommend additional apps/services.

Getting Captcha to work can be tricky. I use a very simple version on my web contact page - I have people type in a number and click a submit button. It took a while to get it to work, as it can depend on what services your host provides. If your host has a decent help service, that might be the way to go. Otherwise, I’m happy to share my code with you. But off-list please.


> On Aug 7, 2019, at 9:26 AM, Linda Feltner <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Hi All:
> I'm having a issue with my website. They have diagnosed some infected .php files. 
> 1. Can you recommend a service, such as Sitelock, that offers removal of malware, or Fix and Prevent? My website host is a partner with them to fix some areas in my website and that is who they recommend. Sitelock is quite expensive, and I'd like to compare companies.  
> My host recommends this action for some .php files: 
> Please replace all the infected files with the clean copy of the website files from your local backup. You can download the infected files and scan it using a good antivirus software program or use other methods to clean the file.
> My question to them is, what if my recent backups are also infected? 
> 2. Antivirus software has evolved with the time. I've used Norton and Malwarebites on my computer (but not the website).  Any one have new recommendations for Macs in 2019? 
> 3. I've tried to install Captcha on the contact page, and abandoned the process when I encountered problems, and will go back to figuring that out when I fix this current issue. 
> Thank you for taking time to give me your thoughts. 
> Linda
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