I get a “Mariner’s Policy” through my business insurance for specific artworks (shipping artwork for commissions or art going to shows)—you can also get the same on your homeowner’s insurance. It essentially attaches a rider for whatever full value you assign to your artwork, no independent valuation needed. Artwork is covered during shipment as well. 

My understanding is that FedEx will only reimburse for the “hard costs” of the artwork. For example, frame, paper, etc. not the art itself. That may have changed. 

When I send artwork to an exhibition, I give my insurance agent the value of the artwork and they attach the rider covering it. It covers me for a year. If I sell the artwork, however, or when it ships back, I call and cancel and they pro-rate the charge. I think the most I’ve paid during a ver busy year with a lot of art coming and going is about $200. There is a deductible so be sure to check on that. 

Hope this helps!


Deborah Shaw

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> Hi All:
> I have been contacted by one of the four members of the contingent from the Zhejiang Museum of Natural History. This group came to the GNSI 2017 Conference in North Carolina, meeting many of us at the Portfolio Review night. They wish to purchase a specific painting of mine for their collection. 
> I wondered if anyone had recommendations for international shippers, and also independent insurance?  The contract states they will provide shipping insurance, but I am researching purchasing independent insurance for artwork.  
> I have shipped a lot through UPS internationally to exhibitions. I have purchased insurance through UPS, however if anything ever was damaged (yes, I know many horror stories) it will be a tedious process to prove the claim, especially if it's original art.  A long time ago, FEDEX offered "insurance" but it was not really insurance, one just paid for a high-value declaration. The fine print used to say $250 max, altho you pay for declaring a multi-thousand dollar painting.  I don't ship with FEDEX for that reason - but their policy may have changed, of course. I have friends who prefer to ship through them. 
> I am a naturally cautious businesswoman, especially when it comes to international shipping and sales. Your thoughts are very welcome.
> Best,
> Linda
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