Sixth International Conference on
Analytical Approaches to World Music (AAWM 2020)
June 24–27, 2020
Musée de l'Homme, Paris, France

The year 2020 marks the tenth anniversary of the AAWM International
Biennial Conference series. Exploration of the rich musical heritage of the
world continues to receive increasing attention from a broad array of
theoretical, cultural, historical, psychological, empirical, informatics,
and analytical perspectives. Analytical Approaches to World Music 2020 is
the sixth in a series of conferences that bring together scholars to
explore the panoply of global musical traditions, both past and present,
that lie outside the purview of European Art Music in order to foster
interdisciplinary and cross-cultural dialogue and promote new approaches
and methods.

Special Features:
Three special panel sessions
● Music and Evolution
● Rhythm and Repetition: Cognitive, Cultural, Empirical, and Philosophical
● Plenary session in honor of Simha Arom

Keynote lectures
• David Huron (The Ohio State University)
• Sylvie Le Bomin (Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle)

AAWM 2020 welcomes submissions that examine the world’s musical traditions
from any analytical or theoretical angle, including (but not limited to)
ethnographic, historical, formal, computational, and cognitive
perspectives. Submission formats include papers, posters, special sessions,
lecture-recitals, and workshops. Call for paper details at 

Conference web site: 

Submission process: All proposals should be submitted electronically using
the following link: 

Submission deadline: December 15, 2019

Submissions should consist of a title, abstract (350 words), and a list of
keywords. There is also an option to include supporting materials.
Notification of acceptance will be sent via email by early February 2020.

Updated information will be posted on the conference website as soon as it
becomes available. Please direct any questions to
aawm2020paris -at-


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