Call for Book Chapters

Scoring Laughs.
Styles and Functions of Music in Comedy Cinema
Edited by Emile Wennekes and Emilio Audissino

Historically, the examination and theorisation of the use of music in films
has addressed its presence in dramas – ‘serious’ films – while fewer
accounts are available on what types of music is utilised in comedies and
what functions it performs. The lack of scholarly attention, can also be
due to the fact that comedies, having to deal with laughter and lighter
situations instead of the graver and more existentially compelling
narratives of dramas. This collection of essays aims at investigating the
presence, nature, and function of music in the comedy film from fresh
perspectives, in order to contribute to a re-evaluation of film-music
studies by casting more light on the more neglected comedic department. The
book, also because of its Film Studies/Musicology editorial duo, aims at
adopting an interdisciplinary approach.

Palgrave MacMillan has expressed a strong interest for the project, which
will be featured in their series ‘Palgrave Studies in Audiovisual Culture’
(Series Editor, K. J. Donnelly). We are preparing a formal book proposal,
and we are now looking for submissions in the form of 300-word abstract.
The final chapters should have a length in-between 5,000/6,000 words.

- Deadline for abstract submission: 1 November 2019.
- Communication of selected contributors: 31 December 2019.

For details: see 

Please send your 300-word abstract (also indicating an estimate of the
number of illustrations/figures you would plan to include, if any) plus a
150-word bio to both e.wennekes -at and emilio.audissino -at- by 1 November 2019.


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Lehman, Frank. 2018. Hollywood Harmonies. Musical Wonder and the Sound of
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Lockner, Jim. 2018. The Music of Charlie Chaplin. Jefferson NC: McFarland &

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