Dear Colleagues,

The History of Music Theory Interest Group invites you to our annual Workshop featuring distinguished guest Ruth DeFord! As usual, our workshop will be held during our SMT business meeting on Friday afternoon from 12:30–2pm Find all of the information below—we hope to see you there!

SMT History of Theory Interest Group
Business Meeting Workshop, 2019 Conference, Columbus, OH
Friday, 11/8, 12:30pm–2pm
Location: Harrison

Triple Time from 1470–1800

Distinguished Guest Ruth DeFord

together with:
Roger Mathew Grant
Emily Zazulia

Today, triple meters are deceptively familiar. We routinely introduce them in the context of fundamentals courses as though they were enduring, immutable facets of musical notation and performance. But has triple time always been the same? Research in historical music theory suggests the existence of multiple types of triple meters, differing in terminology, notation, musical style, and tempo. What’s more, these different types of triples may have persisted through complex changes in mensural theory, compositional practice, and print history. Certain basic questions—such as how many beats each triple measure contained and the proper duration of each beat—require careful attention to historical sources. In this workshop we will collectively and interactively explore several quandaries concerning triple division, drawing connections in historical music theory from the fifteenth through the eighteenth centuries. All are welcome to join and participate! 

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