Good gentles all,

     In less than two short weeks, the Fall Crown Tournament will be upon
us.  On the weekend of October 11, we shall gather at Smithville Lake, and
at 10 AM on October 12, the tournament to select our next Royal Heirs will
happen.  For this to happen smoothly, we will need field heralds with
willing voices.  I am hereby putting out the call for all those who can
make the journey, to please do so.  Many hands make light work.

     My second order of business, is to make sure we do right by the
combatants and their consorts.  To those who will be participating in the
Crown Tournament, be you combatant or consort, please send the preferred
pronunciations of your names and titles to [log in to unmask] as soon as
possible.  We want to make sure to represent you properly when calling you
to the field.

     We look forward to serving you in the upcoming tournament.  Ever in

Battleur Herald

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