At the request of the Exchequer for the shire of Lost Moorm Iam repost the
following three announcements that shoe had posted to the Kingdom Facebook

*Announcement #1;*

There are still cabins available at Vertigo. They are $40 for the weekend.
If you are interested contact me at [log in to unmask] or
[log in to unmask]

* Announcement #2; *

Are you attending Vertigo? Have I got an opportunity for you! Gate needs
volunteers – all shifts still available. GATE it's my absolute favorite way
to volunteer, because I get to meet everybody as they arrive. It is such an
honor to be the welcoming face at the door! GATE opens at 8:00 a.m. When do
you, yes, YOU, want to help out? This is so much more important now that
exchequers are no long allowed to work at their own gate. Contact me
through the Lost Moor web page.

* Announcement #3; *

Reminder Vertigo E-Pay closes on the 18th. 
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Halldor Skaptason

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