A great Pas has been proclaimed for those practicing the arts of Steel, to
be held at two of the clock on October the Twelfth A.S LIV, following the
determination of the next Heirs of Calontir.

A Pas d’Armes is an opportunity for pageantry and spectacle, in addition to
displays of the chiivalric virtues for the edification of the populace.

Participants are encouraged to bring banners, personal heralds, wear
heraldic garb and in general make great display!

The Tenans (the challenged) will stand at one side of the field and accept
challenges. The Venans (the challengers) will come one at a time to the
field and speak their challenge to their chosen Tenan, directly or through
their herald.

The use of two-handed swords is strongly encouraged, but not required.
Weapons and hand protection will be available for any who do not have them.

Once the challenge has been made and accepted, combat will proceed. Combat
will consist of three passes, with weapons of the combatants’ choosing,
terminating in simulated “death” or “disability” according to the Society’s
and the Kingdom’s rules. “Death” or “disability” will be signified by the
vanquished combatant taking a knee or falling to the ground. Further
display by the vanquished is strongly encouraged.

The contest will be judged by the gallery. The gallery will consist of the
consorts of the combatants of Crown Tournament, the Ladies of the Rose, and
any others they may invite to join them. The gallery will award recognition
and/or prizes at their pleasure. The awarding of favors by members of the
gallery is mightily encouraged. For further information please contact
myself, Her Excellency Ayisha or Lord Emerick In service,

Mathurin Kerbusso

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