Hi Lynette,

I am on Windows 10 Pro, and this was happening to me--I got an app called FastPicture Viewer.  I don't know if it works with Mojave or not, but it did make my thumbnails viewable again!  I think it does a zillion things, but hthis is the only thing I needed it for.

I'm sure there are other solutions, too, but this one worked fo rme.

Chris Gralapp



Chris Gralapp, MA, CMI, FAMI

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On 9/13/2019 8:44 AM, Lynette Cook wrote:
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Since upgrading to Mohave I have noticed a problem with image file thumbnails: most of the time I see a generic thumbnail for the file type (JPEG, PSD) - not the image itself. So I can’t remember what a lot of these images are unless I open the file! Anybody know what’s causing this? A Google search indicates that some people fixed the issue by deleting Sketch or a Google app of some kind, yet I have neither of these.

Lynette Cook

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