Hi Gail,
There is a lot of see-sawing opinions about watermarking. Some Fine Art 
Galleries and Exhibitions don't allow watermarking, they say it turns 
off collectors..  But I've seen these past 5-10 yrs that there has been 
a shift towards watermarking. Some organizations insist on it now.  I 
believe it has become a necessity.  Artwork can be copied via 
screenshots so not metadata can be attached, and theft seems a bit more 
rampant nowadays.  I can't say I like to look at artwork with a 
watermark plastered over the good part, but I do it regardless. When a 
collector contacts me, they don't usually ask for a non-watermarked 
large version so they can see detail.

My 2.5 cents,
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On 9/30/19 1:18 PM, Gail Guth wrote:
> Hi - Does anyone out there use Adobe's Behance? I have a few images 
> there, but I am concerned about watermarking. It appears that no one 
> else uses any kind of watermarking, and you really need to upload 
> high-resolution images for them to look decent on the website. Do 
> people just not worry about this anymore or...??
> Gail
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