Hi everyone!

Our three-person, Seattle-based team of natural science illustrators,
educators, and software developers received a grant from the National
Science Foundation (NSF) to create an interactive, art-based engagement
platform for kids to explore science.

We're making scientific sketching the foundation of all of our activities.
We're putting out a call to fellow scientific illustrators to submit animal
anatomy layers to our little startup. We're offering a $100 honorarium for
each complete set of assets – outer layer, musculature, and skeleton – for
non-exclusive rights to use on our website. We'll create outlines based on
the skin layer of each animal for kids to draw in, and they'll be able to
"x-ray" their own drawings to reveal the skeleton and musculature you've

We'd also love a little blurb/artist note about how you went about drawing
the specific animal, as a way of showing kids the different ways artists
approach their artmaking. Our hope, as we collect a library of illustrated
animals from a diverse team of scientific illustrators, is that kids can
see themselves in the representation of a large community from people all
over the world.

If you're interested or have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach

Thanks so much for your consideration!


* Jennifer Primm **(she/her)*

Co-founder, Educator, and Scientific Illustrator


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