Submissions are invited for a proposed themed issue for Nineteenth-Century
Music Review (General Editor: Bennett Zon), entitled ‘Clara Schumann’s
Legacies’, guest-edited by Joe Davies and Nicole Grimes.

This special issue, revolving around the theme of ‘legacies’, seeks to
re-evaluate the biographical and historiographical traditions that have
underpinned Clara Schumann’s reception history, and to develop new
approaches to female authorship in connection with technological
developments throughout the nineteenth century – an area in which women’s
contributions have been largely overlooked. Central research questions
include: to what extent did technology – whether in terms of instruments,
publishing, or the press – play a role in Clara Schumann’s self-fashioning?
How might we understand Clara Schumann’s pianism in connection with the
body and discourses on touch and sensation? What do artistic and filmic
representations of Clara Schumann reveal about popular conceptions of
nineteenth-century female creativity, and how might their assumptions be
effectively challenged or nuanced? In exploring these questions, the issue
seeks not only to provide new perspectives on the rich yet under-explored
terrain of reception and legacy in Clara Schumann studies, but also to
establish a model for future research on women’s legacies across a range of
chronological and geographical remits.

Submissions should address any of the following broad themes:
• Clara Schumann and technology (the piano, music printing, and the press)
• Clara Schumann and performance (issues of embodiment, technologies of
• Clara Schumann reception history (how Clara Schumann has been authored in
the visual arts, film, and biographical traditions)
• Clara Schumann and female authorship (including image and self-fashioning)

Please submit abstracts of 300 words (including name of contributor and
title) to the guest-editors (joe.davies[at] and
nicole.e.grimes[at] by 15 December 2019. Five authors will be
invited to submit full articles (between 8,000 and 12,000 words, excluding
footnotes), which will then go through the NCMR peer-review process.

Deadline for submission of full articles to guest-editors: 30 June 2020.

The guest-editors plan to prepare the articles for publication between July
and August 2020, submitting the full issue to the General Editor by
September 2020.

For guidelines and details on the peer-review process of NCMR, see 


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