And what an excellent time to remind people that they can easily grant blanket permissions to conflict with names and arms/devices. 
has answers and forms, it's easy to do and can benefit people for the rest of time (or the existence of the SCA at least)

There are various options as to how close someone can have a name/device and it's just an excellent thing to be proactive about.  My little sister was saddened to find that someone's device was rejected for being to close to hers when she's not active in the SCA anymore (and won't be around to grant permission forever). She's filed the paperwork.

Katriana (not representing KSDE in this)
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Indeed, thank you Gunnar.

I do have one bit of a caveat to these results, that being the returned device of Arn Haraldson, Per chevron ployé azure and argent, two wolf's heads erased respectant argent and a raven rising regardant wings displayed sable.  When the conflict call first  came into being at Laurel, we sought a Letter of Permission to Conflict (LoPtC) from the owner of the registered arms.  Unfortunately, the LoPtC arrived just after the decision had been made and the Letter of Acceptances and Returns had been published.  Therefore, on the very next External Letter, I re-submitted Arn's device in conjunction with the LoPtC and it is currently back at Laurel for consideration.

Ich dien,
Gotfrid v. Schwaben
Saker Herald

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Thanks, Gunnar!

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Greetings to All,

The Armorial has been updated to reflect the items in this LOAR.

In Service,

Gunnar Thorisson
Vert Hawk Herald

CALONTIR acceptances

* Adalyde Heloyz la Cantora. Name change from Adalyde bint Yunus al-Zarqa'.

This name combines the already-registered element Adalyde with the French element Heloyz and the Spanish element la Cantora. However, PN2C2d allows elements documented under the Existing Registration Allowance to be combined with elements from only a single regional naming group. If we relied solely on the Existing Registration Allowance, this name could not be registered.

Fortunately, we re-documented Adalyde as a Catalan name. With this documentation, the name is then composed of three languages: French, Catalan and Spanish. Catalan and Spanish are part of the same regional naming group under Appendix C. As the name incorporates only two regional naming groups and the elements are all within 300 years of each other, it can be registered under PN2C2b.

The submitter's previous name, Adalyde bint Yunus al-Zarqa', is released.

* Alten Augerius Adamus. Name and device. Quarterly argent and sable, in saltire two flanged maces gules, on a chief purpure a stalk of wheat reversed Or.

This name combines a French given name with a German given name and byname, an acceptable lingual mix under Appendix C.

* Ameline de Coity. Name.

* Arn Haraldson. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Nice 15th century Norwegian name!

* Bartholomew Mercer. Name.

Nice English name from the late 13th century onwards!

* Bertram Grünrock. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Nice 14th century German name!

* Emerick Blackpool. Name and device. Argent, a wolf sejant azure atop a mount sable, in chief three mullets one and two azure.

Nice late 16th century English name!

Artist's note: Please draw the wolf larger to fill the available space.

* Faílenn ingen Rónáin. Name.

The given name Faílenn is a Gaelic saint's name that appears in the Martyrology of Donegal in the Early Modern Irish form Faoilenn. Precedent permits this name to be registered, [Faoileann inghean Tighearnaigh, 09/2002 LoAR, A-Middle], and there is no new evidence that would justify reversing that precedent. Thus, submitters will continue to get the benefit of the doubt that the Old or Middle Irish spelling Faílenn was used based on the veneration of Faoilenn.

* Giraude Benet. Badge. (Fieldless) A bear's head erased contourny gules.

The submitter has received permission from Ellisif Styrbjarnardóttir for this badge to conflict with Sable, a bear's head couped contourny gules.

* Gotfridus von Schwaben. Badge change. (Fieldless) A bear's head cabossed vert.

The submitter's previous badge, (Fieldless) A horse rampant vert, is released.

* Kennocht Armstrang. Name and device. Or, a chevron, on a chief sable three chess rooks Or.

This name is clear of the registered Kenneth Armstrong. Under SENA PN3C, "[t]o be substantially different, a pair of names must meet at least one standard for substantial difference in sound and at least one standard for substantial difference in appearance." Here, the second syllables of the given names differ in sound and appearance: Kenn-eth vs. Kenn-ocht. The bynames differ in both a vowel sound and appearance: Arm-strong vs. Arm-strang. Therefore, the names differ enough to be clear of conflict.

Nice device!

* Ki no Kotori. Badge for Ægileif in kyrra. Azure, a hind at gaze between three triquetras argent.

* Meriilda of Yorkshire. Name.

Questions were raised in commentary whether the double i in Meriilda was a typographical error. Based on a review of the source document, and a consideration of contemporaneous names such as Merihild and Miriel, the double i appears to be a rare but valid spelling variant. Therefore, we are registering this name as submitted.

* Oswin of Moonstone. Badge. (Fieldless) In saltire a bow and a sword inverted gules surmounted by a sinister gauntlet clenched aversant sable.

* Otto of Foxhall. Device change. Per bend sinister purpure and sable, a fox sejant contourny and a tower argent.

The submitter has received permission from Jane Fox of Foxhall for this submission to conflict with the registered device, Per bend sinister purpure and sable, a fox sejant contourny and a fleur-de-lys argent

The submitter's previous device, Per saltire argent and azure, in pale two capital letters "T" and in fess two annulets counterchanged, is retained as a badge.

* Pádraigín an Einigh. Device change. Or, a frauenadler gules, on a chief azure a sun in his splendor and a moon in her plenitude Or.

The submitter's previous device, Or, a frauenadler gules, on a chief vert three trefoils Or, is released.

* Rolant de Bourbonne. Device. Per pale azure and argent, an apple tree fructed, on a chief three apples counterchanged.

Artist's note: Please draw the stems of the apples thicker and bolder.

* Sáerlaith of the Isles. Name.

Submitted as Sáerlaith Conwy, the name could not be registered in that form because it violates PN2C2b; there are more than 300 years between the last instance of the Gaelic given name and the attested instances of the Anglo-Welsh byname.

The submitter requested that her name be changed to Sáerlaith of the Isles if her submitted name were not registerable. The Shire of the Isles is the registered name of an SCA branch and thus can be combined with the Gaelic Sáerlaith without penalty. We have made the requested change for registration.

* Sancha Lestrange. Reblazon of device. Per pale gules and sable, two bat-winged snails rising respectant, wings elevated and addorsed, in base a fleur-de-lys Or.

This device was registered in December 1985 as Per pale gules and sable, two bat-winged snails respectant, wings erect and addorsed, in base a fleur-de-lys all Or. The standard posture for a snail is, for lack of a better term, statant (that is, with its body perpendicular to the ground). However, the snails in the registered device have the bodies in chevron, with heads raised and tails curving to base, indicating that the creatures aren't touching the ground at all, but are instead rising into the air. To assure greater accuracy in emblazon attempts, we have granted the submitter's request for reblazon.

* Skinna-Hrefna. Device. Quarterly argent and gules, in pale a raven sable atop a brunette man's head erased proper.

* Umm Tur{a-}b Zulaykha. Name.

* Wilheard of Coity. Name.

Submitted as Wilheard de Coity, there are more than 500 years between the attested instances of Wilheard and de Coity, in violation of PN2C2a. However, the submitter approved a change from the attested period spelling to the lingua Societatis form of Coity (the period form and the modern spelling of the place happen to be identical). This change eliminates the temporal gap problem and allows registration of the name.

* Wilhelm von Pirmasens. Name.

Commenters were not able to document the spelling Pirmasens to period; the first instance found by commenters was in 1672. However, ffride wlffsdotter found the spellings Pirmanses and Pirmesens, both dated to the 15th century. The submitted Pirmasens is a reasonable interpolated spelling from these examples.

* William de Fishburn. Name and device. Azure, three chevronels between three fleurs-de-lys argent.

Nice early 15th century English name!

Nice device!

CALONTIR returns

* Arn Haraldson. Device. Per chevron ployé azure and argent, two wolf's heads erased respectant argent and a raven rising regardant wings displayed sable.

This device is returned for conflict with the device of Bleyddyn ap Rhys, Per chevron azure and argent, two wolf's heads erased argent and a drakkar sable. Per section A5C2d, the bottommost charge of three charges across a per chevron line of division is considered half the charge group, but "in each of these special cases, a maximum of one distinct change, as defined in A.5.G, can be derived from changes to the smaller of the sections defined as half under these rules." There is therefore only a single DC for the cumulative changes to the charge in base. Ployé is considered a straight line variant and there is no DC granted for diffrences between straight line variants. The change in orientation to one of the heads, as one-third the charge group, is not worth a DC.

While this device also conflicts with the device of Wulfstan Hrafnsson, Per chevron azure and argent, two wolf's heads erased respectant argent and a harp reversed vert, for the same reasons, Wulfstan provides blanket permission to conflict elsewhere in this letter.

* Bertram Grünrock. Device. Per bend sinister Or and sable, a leaf between a frog sejant affronty vert and three arrows Or.

This device is returned for lack of documentation for the posture of the frog. In the January 2018 Cover Letter, it was ruled, "Therefore, after the August 2018 LoAR, use of the posture sejant erect affronty will be a step from period practice for non-lions, whether winged or not. All other affronty postures for quadrupeds will be disallowed after the August 2018 LoAR unless documentation is provided." Frogs, as quadrupeds, fall under this rule, and absent documentation, a frog sejant affronty is disallowed. Please note that there is a discussion on the May 31 2019 LoPaD about whether reptiles and amphibians, including frogs, should be treated as other quadrupeds for the use of quadrupedal postures, given that the default posture for reptiles is tergiant, a posture not seen in other quadrupeds. Until this is resolved, this ruling should not be considered precedent in support of reptiles or amphibians in a sejant erect affronty posture.


* Laraine de Lanci. Name.

Submitted as Laraine De Leigne, after the close of commentary the submitter requested a change to Laraine de Lanci or de Lancey if either byname could be documented. This request was not made in time for research and conflicts checking by Pelican and staff. Therefore, we have pended the name in order to do so.

Commenters are asked to conduct research to determine whether de Lanci is a period byname. The spelling de Lancey appears in French in at p. 1111 of Histoire universelle de toutes nations et specialement des Gaulois ou Francois ( < >), published in 1621. Laraine is an English name attested to 1608 in the original documentation, and thus can be combined with a gray-period French byname. This name has not been checked for conflicts.

This was item 13 on the Calontir letter of February 8, 2019.

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