Greetings to the most wonderful populace of Calontir.

First, let me thank all of you for making this a very easy event to run. When I walked around the site after everyone had left, there was less than a plastic grocery bag of trash, and probably two thirds of that was not generated by us. You made the job easy.

I need to extend my thanks also to the folks who stepped up and volunteered to run activities to make the event that much more enjoyable:
In addition there were many people who helped each of those listed above. My thanks goes out to all of them as well. And I must mention Master Gawin, who got dumped on our doorstep by fate, but pitched in and was a tremendous help during setup.

But my biggest thanks has to go out to my SCA family. They not only volunteered to do many of the jobs above, but they picked up the slack that I was leaving. 
Calontir is something special, and we all need to remember that.

-- Logan goði --

P.S. My father is fine and back home.

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