Hi everyone!

We are so excited to see how many folks are interested in participating. Thanks so much for reaching out! 

It'll be easier to answer all of your questions collectively. Hopefully, I've noted all of them below:
- Our goal for this first activity is to use animal art only. In the future, we plan to launch other activities that explore invertebrates, marine life, plants, and more. Please stay in touch!
- We're paying a $100 honorarium (per animal) to all artists who share their artwork. 
- The artwork will be used for playful learning in the Curio Classroom
- Artist will be credited on the website
- Non-exclusive rights for use in the Curio Classroom 
- 3 digital files per animal (outer layer, musculature, and skeleton)

As we move forward, Sonia Lei will be our contact person for all artists contributing to the project. Please send all future inquiries and questions to [log in to unmask].

Also, I will forward all emails I've received so far to her for follow up. Hopefully, I've answered the majority of the initial questions above that were received so far. 

Thanks so much to everyone for your responses! 

Jennifer Primm (she/her)
Co-founder, Educator, and Scientific Illustrator

w: www.curiointeractive.com | p: 503.459.8975


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