Recently, CS6 Bridge on a Windows 10 pro OS has stopped searching for photos using Keywords.  Naturally this has driven me to the brink of despair.  I can't even call up the 7million photos I have of my grandchildren.

The Adobe Bridge forum has not helped, except to suggest I load LR and transfer photos and keywords to that program to use as a DAM.  Strange they mention LR as I deleted it a couple years ago as I wasn't using it and (then) needed space on my C-drive.  Apparently, this problem is recurring in Bridge and defies easy correction, although that may be a problem mainly with the CC version.

So I'm asking for suggestions on how to recover the indexing function, and also does one know of another photo DAM I could use in place of Bridge.  Yes, I know about LR :).

Thanks in advance,

Bruce Bartrug
Nobleboro, Maine, USA
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