The following email was reported this morning.  This email was sent from a UNL email account, which has since been mitigated so the user is back in control of the account.  The following email also had a subject line of “Approval” and “Newsletter”, but the body of the message was the same.  We appreciate everyone reporting the phish email to the security team.  If you are a university faculty or staff member, and use Outlook, you should be able to report the email through the REPORT PHISH button.  If you do not have the REPORT PHISH button, send an email to [log in to unmask].


As we approach the holiday season, be on the lookout for other types of phish emails.  Emails such as this one are starting to be generated more often, and may include an “imposter” email address that makes it look like it is coming from a person you know, but if you touch the email (from your phone) or open the email on your computer, you can see the email address used to send the email.  Never click on a link or open an attachment unless you KNOW the link/attachment is safe.  This means you might need to call or text the person who sent you the link/attachment and make sure they were the ones to send the email. 


We appreciate everyone who reported this email today, and ask if you still have the email, to please delete it.  If you were tricked into clicking on the link and you attempted to login, please change your password immediately and contact your Help Desk/Center (contact info below) to make sure your account is secured.  Thank you!




UNK ITS Helpdesk 308-865-8363
UNL ITS Help Center 402-472-3970
UNO ITS Help Desk 402-554-4357




Cheryl O’Dell, CISSP, GCFE

Incident Response Manager

Cybersecurity & Identity|ITS|

501 127H, 68588-0203

University of Nebraska |nebraska.edu


402-472-7851 (o)