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Thank you for your reply Mikhail!


Is anyone else aware of some publication fit to publish trap designs and short ecological and/or distributional notes, especially with regards to scarabs?



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In herpetological area  there is a journal «Herpetology Notes» which publishes as full articles as well as a short notes and communications.

But I’m aware of any such this in Entomology.

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I was informed by Barney Streit that the Scarabs newsletter will no longer appear, as the place of newsletters has now been taken over by web pages and emails. However, I consider the latter media to be rather ephemeral: you can hardly refer to an email or blog post as the source of information as they are either inaccessible to the public or may disappear at any time. Newsletters, which are widely distributed as pdfs and easily copied, are in my opinion still quite valid (although less solid sources than actual journals or books).

Given that I've written a couple of short informal articles on scarabs and scarab collecting, which contain as yet unpublished information regarding species' occurrence and equipment design, I would like to know where I would best publish these articles. The Scarabs newsletter seemed ideal to me. Could you please give me some recommendations?


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