James, Auke, et al:


See Barney’s note below.  The previous editors would no doubt help out on occasion too; sounds like Barney would help with the transition.  I think MANY scarab workers beyond the current chatter would like to see this continue based on the many comments I received after all the garbage that went on in the last 1.5 years!


Bill Warner


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Subject: Re: Good things die hard! FW: Revival and continuation of the Scarabs occasional newsletter


Hi Bill,


I have no objections, and doubt if Rich or Olivier would either. If the new editors use Adobe InDesign for the layout, I can send the latest issues of the newsletter and Index in InDesign format, to be used as templates, to the next round of editors. All the latest issues have been sent to the Library of Congress, so that is up to date. I can supply the mailing address to the Library as well, as two (2) hardcopies of each issue plus a CD of the electronic PDF versions need to be sent in periodically.


Olivier (from France) has proven to be an excellent editor and proofreader. He may wish to continue his participation on the editorial staff. In addition, I would approach Steven Barney, who has single-handedly kept the archives available to the public via the Internet. Steven has great enthusiasm for the newsletter. I suggest an editorial board as large as possible, with one person doing the layout. Insofar as continuing the cryptic message on the front page, that is up to you Bill, since you came up with the idea.








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Not sure if you’ve seen all the chatter on the scarabs net, but a number of people want to see SCARABS continue and I suggested they contact you to see if you would allow them to continue the brand.  See below…





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Subject: Revival and continuation of the Scarabs occasional newsletter


Dear Scarab Workers, 


Well if two is company and three is a crowd then we already have a crowd for the revival and continuation of the Scarabs occasional newsletter!

Independently, we (Auke, Jason, Philippe & James) will write to and ask the originators of the Scarabs occasional newsletter for permission to continue with the newsletter.

Presently, I am particularly wanting a female scarabiologist to join its proposed new editorial panel so that its continuation can present (and represent) a gender neutral final product. Please contact [log in to unmask] <mailto:[log in to unmask]>  if you are interested!

We will keep the scarab list updated of progress here.


Yours sincerely





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