Hello from Nancy Picchi.  Išve done a little searching on this question for
you and so far have found only this in the Willard Family Papers Finding

"Elisa and her sister Mary were friends with author Willa Cather in
Pittsburgh and Charles' letters mention Cather a few times.˛

Youšll find the Willard Family Papers Finding Aid in PDF format here: 
< >

Išll keep searchingŠ.




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Dear Collective Wisdom of 5 Bank Street:

Though it may be a long shot, I'm hoping someone out there can steer me in
the right direction about a small matter. Somewhere out there is a letter
that May Willard wrote to H Dwight from the Hotel Griffou in NY in June
1906, one where she mentions being with Cather during her early days at
McClure's, and I am trying to locate it. Woodress alludes to the information
in the letter without fully citing it (though he calls the hotel "Griffon,"
probably because of confusion over the handwriting). I haven't found another
citation, but I'm guessing one is out there somewhere.

I have looked for the letter in Harrison Dwight's papers at Amherst (which
does have letters from Cather to Dwight and from Cather to May Willard), and
I've done some looking in Woodress's papers and the Slote collection at UNL.
Nothing so far.

Does anyone know where this letter may be? Has anyone had occasion to read
or cite it?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide,

Andrew Jewell, PhD
Professor, University Libraries
Coordinator of Archives and Special Collections
Editor, Willa Cather Archive ( <>
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