Merchants, only one week remains to register for Kris Kinder!

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The full list of paid merchants & booth descriptions is available at

As of 11/17:
Aesc & Thorn
AJ's Carving & Woodshop
All the Trimmings
Avalon Oddiments
Batilda’s Baubles & Bazaar
Black Water Treasures
Boots by Bohemond
Bunisher Art Works
Cat Man Do Designs
Coeur d'Ennui Dream Designs and Silent Auction
Divine Mudworx
Du Puy Creations
Felix Fancies
Fransico Delgadillo
Fully Warped Workshop
Griffon Made
Hot Tempered Glass
Iona Rose Studio LLC
Izzys Treasures
Jantije's Fabric Adoption Service
JMS Spinning Wheels and Woodworks
KnOtter's Den
Kraken Press
Leofwyna's Feast Kits & Bits
Lobster Rose Pottery
Mhairi MacLean's
Munitions Grade Arms
North Star Armoury
Painted Sky Pottery
Panther's Den
Please Touch Pottery
Read It Again Books
Scrap Ends
Scribe's Guild Fundraiser
Svana & Thea
The Chapeau Maker
Thistlewood Manor
Tosten's Pots
Under The Oak
Vault of Valhalla
W&J Bows and Such
White Spider Fabrics

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