Hi Linda,

These things always break down during deadlines, don’t they?! 
In my experience, 6 years is a good run for a product like this - “the beginning of the end” can take many forms, but battery reliability is definitely one. I recently retired the same device, after 5-6 years of service, because I was having odd function issues (may have been incompatibility with my constantly updating system and apps). I’d be jumping on a Black Friday deal to just replace it - start fresh and save yourself the headache of trying to trouble-shoot an obsolete device. 

It stinks to have to fork out for surprise expenses, but personally, unless it’s an actual computer/laptop, I have super low tolerance for getting my ancillary devices to limp along when they start to falter… especially ones under $500 (I think that’s the bracket we’re talking about?).

Whatever you decide, I hope you can get back to working smoothly and wrapping up that deadline ASAP!


Natalya Zahn
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> On Nov 25, 2019, at 12:54 PM, Linda Feltner <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Hi All:
> Speaking of tablets.. I have a Wacom pen tablet, medium. Purchased in 2013. 
> It will no longer charge up, or work without being plugged in. I called Wacom and they said it could not be fixed (too old). 
> I'm wondering if anyone has had one start to go out, and this is the first sign of it's demise.  I'm right in the midst of crucial deadlines (of course). 
> Maybe take advantage of Black Friday sales? phht. 
> Thank you,
> Linda
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