Dear Illustrators,

My MacBook Pro laptop recently died. I had older versions of Adobe
Photoshop and Illustrator on it, without charge, because of a benefit from
my day job workplace, in which I could have a copy of the programs on a
personal device.

My workplace no longer has a deal with Adobe to allow us a copy of their
applications on a second device (my first device was my computer at work).
Now I have a new MacBook Pro and need to succumb to an Adobe subscription.

I use Illustrator and Photoshop. I'm not seeing any subscription option
that includes both -- it appears one must have a subscription to both,
separately, at $20.99 USD/ month.

Is this true, or am I missing a better deal somewhere?

Thanks in advance for suggestions!
Marla L. Coppolino
Groton, New York
USA  < > 

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