Perhaps someone might be able to help me with an issue. 

I won an artist grant to make a realistic life-size inflatable of the extinct Northern White Rhino - which will inflate and deflate on a continuous cycle - representing the "here today, gone tomorrow" aspect of the extinction of the species, as it deflates, but also the hope that they will be able to bring it back with the sperm and egg that they saved from the species. 

I need to find a very high resolution image of a side view, and then also head (front and side view) and front and back of the Northern White Rhino, so the inflatable company, who I hired, can use it for a print of the rhino hide onto the inflatable material. The highest resolution online I can find online is approximately 6000 x 4000 (around 20” x 30”) at 300 dpi, But I need to find a photo that is at least 600 dpi at real size (156” L x 72” H) which would be around 46800 x 31200 pixels. I need the viewers of the inflatable sculpture to see the wrinkles of the rhino up close and have it look real. It could be a southern white rhino, since they are close cousins, if I can’t find a good high res image of the Northern White Rhino. 

Does anyone know of a source or photographer who I can get a photo like that from? I have done a search online, but I can’t find any images with high enough resolution. 

Or does anyone know of a way to create a realistic rhino skin surface in a 3D program that makes surface wraps for digital 3D objects?

Victoria Fuller

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