Sounds like a question for Adobe, Michael.  Never had that problem with
CS6.  I would suggest the Adobe Forum for Photoshop.  Good luck.


On Sun, Nov 10, 2019 at 6:25 PM Michael Rothman <[log in to unmask]>

> Hi Everyone,
> I have been following the recent discussions about Photoshop subscription
> options.  However, I decided, since I own a licensed copy of CS6 and I
> won’t be able to upgrade my iMac operating beyond High Sierra (Mac OS
> 10.13.6), that I’d leave well enough alone.  I generally use Photoshop for
> photo retouching and making corrections on scanned “traditional”
> illustrations.   In other words, what works currently for me has continued
> to remain viable.  (Upgrading the Mac operating system beyond High Sierra
> means going from a 32-bit processing architecture to a 64-bit processing
> architecture and I can ill afford further application purchases or issues
> with RAW support at this point, so I haven’t yet had to purchase a
> Photoshop CC subscription).   That being said, at some point I may simply
> have to bow to the inevitable.
> All the forgoing notwithstanding,  the Photomerge command of my current
> Photoshop CS6 application has suddenly ceased to function:    Under the
> command sequence File > Automate > Photomerge, the menu for “Photomerge”.
> simply doesn’t appear.    Back in the “old days”, e.g. under versions such
> as Photoshop 7, one could simply through out a “Preference” folder, restart
> the program and then expect the original factory settings to be
> reactivated.   I can’t figure out where in my existing Photoshop CS6
> program that such a Preference file resides.   While some folks may still
> have CS6 or remember how to reset the pre-subscription Photoshop
> preferences, I’d like to tap their knowledge for any suggestions how to
> repair the lost functionality I noted above.
> Thanks for any comments.
> Best wishes,
> Michael Rothman
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