Have you tried Joel Satore of the Natioanal Geographic Photo Ark project? I
see he has a Sumatran Rhino on his website, but maybe he has other photos
that aren't on the website?


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> Perhaps someone might be able to help me with an issue.
> I won an artist grant to make a realistic life-size inflatable of the
> extinct Northern White Rhino - which will inflate and deflate on a
> continuous cycle - representing the "here today, gone tomorrow" aspect of
> the extinction of the species, as it deflates, but also the hope that they
> will be able to bring it back with the sperm and egg that they saved from
> the species.
> I need to find a very high resolution image of a side view, and then also
> head (front and side view) and front and back of the Northern White Rhino,
> so the inflatable company, who I hired, can use it for a print of the rhino
> hide onto the inflatable material. The highest resolution online I can find
> online is approximately 6000 x 4000 (around 20” x 30”) at 300 dpi, But I
> need to find a photo that is at least 600 dpi at real size (156” L x 72” H)
> which would be around 46800 x 31200 pixels. I need the viewers of the
> inflatable sculpture to see the wrinkles of the rhino up close and have it
> look real. It could be a southern white rhino, since they are close
> cousins, if I can’t find a good high res image of the Northern White Rhino.
> Does anyone know of a source or photographer who I can get a photo like
> that from? I have done a search online, but I can’t find any images with
> high enough resolution.
> Or does anyone know of a way to create a realistic rhino skin surface in a
> 3D program that makes surface wraps for digital 3D objects?
> Victoria Fuller
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