Hi All:

Have any of you Mac users had success with using Microsoft Team for teleconferences or videoconferences?

I have an upcoming meeting.  They sent a link and a password (for telephone dial-ins I think).  Of course the way Microsoft displays the screen on Chrome, they want me to download the app.. There is an option for just using the web link. ( I read the instructions) It might be that without the app, one has to wait in the "lobby" via that method, unless someone "brings you in".  

Microsoft  also wants control of both microphone and camera on the mac.  One cannot chose just audio. I"m not sure it's a video conference, but certainly audio. 

I've been in enough Uberconferences to know there are hiccups. And I'm wondering if anyone has any advice for the most seamless method, without compromising privacy.

I was on a skype meeting last week, and all of a sudden my computer said it could not work because the Facetime camera was on. I don't even use Facetime, and could not get it to work during the meeting.  so, some things are popping up that are very weird. I've not altered my OS at all.

I don't get an opportunity to practice.  We only have an hour for the meeting and don't need to spend half the time just connecting. 

Thanks for any advice.
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