Hello all,

I am putting together an article for the GNSI Journal about this year's Inktober.

Did you participate? If so, I would love to hear from you! 

Please feel free to message me off-list at [log in to unmask] and let me know:

1. Was this your first time participating?
2. How many days were you able to complete?
3. What did you like/not like about Inktober?
4. Did you use a prompt list? If so, which one? (the official Inktober, the sciart one from GNSI, your own, something else?)
5. Do you think you will do it again next year?
6. Would you like to see a different prompt list next year? Ideas?

Also, if you want to, please send one or two of your favorite entries from your own Inktober so we can show folks what you did!


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