Hi Everyone,

I have been following the recent discussions about Photoshop subscription options.  However, I decided, since I own a licensed copy of CS6 and I won’t be able to upgrade my iMac operating beyond High Sierra (Mac OS 10.13.6), that I’d leave well enough alone.  I generally use Photoshop for photo retouching and making corrections on scanned “traditional” illustrations.   In other words, what works currently for me has continued to remain viable.  (Upgrading the Mac operating system beyond High Sierra means going from a 32-bit processing architecture to a 64-bit processing architecture and I can ill afford further application purchases or issues with RAW support at this point, so I haven’t yet had to purchase a Photoshop CC subscription).   That being said, at some point I may simply have to bow to the inevitable.    

All the forgoing notwithstanding,  the Photomerge command of my current Photoshop CS6 application has suddenly ceased to function:    Under the command sequence File > Automate > Photomerge, the menu for “Photomerge”. simply doesn’t appear.    Back in the “old days”, e.g. under versions such as Photoshop 7, one could simply through out a “Preference” folder, restart the program and then expect the original factory settings to be reactivated.   I can’t figure out where in my existing Photoshop CS6 program that such a Preference file resides.   While some folks may still have CS6 or remember how to reset the pre-subscription Photoshop preferences, I’d like to tap their knowledge for any suggestions how to repair the lost functionality I noted above.

Thanks for any comments.

Best wishes,
Michael Rothman 


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