Dear Bank Streeters,

We're resending our CFP for papers related to the topic of last summer's International Willa Cather Seminar, "Unsettling Cather:  Differences and Dislocations."  Although some of you have already responded with promising essays, we are hoping that others of you, with a few weeks of additional time, will also submit your revised essays for consideration for inclusion in Cather Studies 14, which we are editing.  Also, if you did not attend the International Seminar in June but have or are working on an essay that responds to the CFP,  we would very much like to see your work.

The CFP is attached, and please note that our deadline for submission is now 12 January, 2020.  If that deadline is problematic for you, let us know and we'll see if we can come up with a compromise date.  

We really want Cather Studies 14 to be a volume as rich and various as the papers at the Seminar were.  Please help us out by submitting your work!

With all best wishes to you for all the coming holidays,

Marilee Lindemann and Ann Romines
Editors, Cather Studies 14