In November 2019, the first issue of the International Journal of the Study
of Music and Musical Performance was uploaded to the Web ( ). The seven Chief Editors of
IJSMMP want to take this opportunity to invite all interested musicians and
scholars to read the first issue and to contribute to the second and later

The International Journal of the Study of Music and Musical Performance is
unusual and, in some ways, even unique. It is published online,
open-access, in conjunction with the Open Music Library project. Its
editorial and advisory boards are broadly international. It welcomes
contributions in any language, and aims—when possible—to offer a reliable
English translation of contributions that are not in English.

Most of all, IJSPPM seeks to bridge the worlds of academic discourse and of
performers and listeners. With this last aim in mind, it encourages
contributions that are more essayistic than is typical in existing
journals. It also welcomes reactions to recorded and live performances.
Being an online journal, IJSMMP can easily incorporate color illustrations,
video, and sound files. Such enrichments help it to provide a forum for
discussion of music as it is practiced, and has been practiced, in numerous
times and places and for widely differing purposes.

The first issue exemplifies many of these goals, with five articles and six
reviews ranging from the medieval ars subtilior to musical practice in
present-day Iran, stopping along the way to explore Bach’s flute music,
Berlioz’s letters, works of John Cage, and the guitar music of Hans Werner

Everything in the first issue happens to be in English, but one of the
articles is a carefully vetted translation of a major study by a
Francophone scholar who has spent his career teaching on the Caribbean
island of Guadeloupe. This article, based on research in church and
French-government archives, reconstructs for the first time the life and
career of the most renowned operatic soprano active in New Orleans and the
West Indies in the years around 1800, a “mixed-race” woman known as Minette.

Please all feel free to forward this announcement to other lists or
individuals. Thanks!

Beatriz Magalhães-Castro
Rob Haskins
Tom Moore
Luisa Nardini
Melanie Plesch
Catalina Vicens, and
Samuel Zerin
(Our institutional affiliations and email addresses can be found in the
front matter of the inaugural issue--see link quoted earlier.)


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