The School for Studies in Art & Culture at Carleton University (Ottawa, Canada) welcomes applications for our M.A. in Music and Culture. Successful applicants receive scholarships and full teaching assistantships, with the opportunity for external scholarships. We offer a two-year program with three streams: thesis, major research essay, and course-work only.

The M.A. provides students with unique opportunities to explore various musical practices and theories of culture, and music as culture. The program is grounded in the practices of diverse musics, conducted from a wide range of interdisciplinary theoretical approaches, including critical theory, cultural studies, feminism and gender studies, sociology, and post/de-colonialism. Ours was the first program in Canada to offer courses in popular music, and we remain at the cutting edge of music and sound studies.

Students in the M.A. have received scholarship funding from such sources as the Social Sciences and Humanities Council of Canada and the Ontario Graduate Scholarship program. Graduates of the program have pursued PhD studies in prestigious programs and obtained positions in the federal government, as arts administrators, and as music librarians.

Our academic strengths cover:
• Music and Media Studies
• Ethnomusicology
• Popular Music Studies
• Critical Improvisation Studies
• Community Music
• Music in Canada

Our full-time faculty include:
• James Deaville: historical musicology, music and media, music and disability, 19th-century music
• William Echard: popular music studies, musical signification, critical theory
• Anna Hoefnagels: ethnomusicology, First Peoples’ music, music of Canada, music and gender
• Alexis Luko, film music, Medieval and Renaissance music, opera, gender, music and media
• James McGowan: composition, music theory, jazz, jazz harmony, community music
• Carolyn Ramzy: musics of the Middle East, ethnomusicology, gender, performative politics
• Jesse Stewart: critical improvisation studies; jazz studies; hip hop studies; music and visual culture; music and social justice; experimental music
• Paul Théberge: media studies, history of sound recording, digital technology
• Ellen Waterman: ethnomusicology, performance studies, acoustic ecology, music and gender, critical improvisation studies
• James Wright: 20th century music, Canadian film music, composition, music perception/cognition

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