Thank you to Miakushka Loshkina, Konstantia Kaloethina, and Adelaide
Sarsfield, who entered the Blank Borders competition at Coronation! Your
entries were beautiful, and I'm sure the recipients will be grateful.

Because there were at least 3 more entries which were unable to make it to
Coronation due to weather, I am going to try something different. I will be
sponsoring another Blank Borders competition, this time with online voting,
in order to try to make it accessible to more people.

The rules, prizes, and guidelines are largely the same as the competition
at Coronation. The difference is this:

Entries may be turned in to me from now until the spring RUSH, on April
4th. That's over 2 months. You can turn them in to me at an event (PM me to
coordinate), or if you do not expect to attend an event in that time frame,
PM me to get an address to mail them to. After the Spring RUSH, I will post
a survey online to the Calontir facebook group and the Calontir email list,
with pictures of the entries and links to any documentation provided.
Voting will be open for a little under one week, and I will pass the
scrolls along to the Crown at Spring Crown Tournament, the following week.
If you entered at Coronation, you are welcome to make another entry for
this one! The more scrolls, the better!

Here are the rest of the rules:
You can enter one or more blank borders. Populace vote will determine the
winner. Team entries are allowed, but only one prize will be awarded per
All entries will be donated to the Crown. Please make sure to sign your
entries on the back. Documentation is welcomed, but not required.
(Suggested documentation would be a printoff of your exemplar, or a brief
description of what your work is inspired by.)

First place will get to pick their prize from the selection described
below. If there are 5+ entrants, second place also gets to choose a prize
from what remains. 10+ entrants, and third place gets to choose a prize.
Etc, until all prizes are taken. Encourage more scribes to enter!
-Coliro/Finetec gold palette
-Pack of 11"x14" pergamenata from John Neal
-Marc Drogin's Medieval Calligraphy
-Sheila Waters' Foundations of Calligraphy
-Manuscript Classic Caligraphy Set (fountain/cartridge pen)
-A light box

Use heavyweight, acid-free paper, or pergamenata. If possible, keep your
design within a standard framing size (8"x10", or 11"x14"). Leave a space
for text no smaller than 6”x8". If it is appropriate for the style, include
a space/circle for the award badge to be added later, and possibly a space
for the recipient's arms also. If you choose to make a border that mimics
multiple pages, please make sure the available text space is approximately
48 square inches total. Borders without initial capitals are preferred. If
the style uses illuminated capitals, if possible leave a space for the
capital to be added by the Royal Scribe later, so it can be used with a
wider range of texts.

Thank you to anyone who enters or votes! Watch for a link to vote after the
entries are in.

In Service,


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