I’m running Photoshop 20.0.6 (2019 release) because that is what is in the lab where I teach.

I was reviewing a few things today, and I wanted to make an adjustment layer. The options window looked odd and it took me a second to realize it was showing me the Layer Styles window, not an Adjustment Layer.

Just to make sure, I tried a couple of different adjustment layers. Nope - Layer Styles came up every time.

So, I’m downloading an update to 20.0.8 as I write this. I hope it’s fixed in this version. And I hope we don’t have the same problem in the lab. 

I know you can also access adjustment layers from the Layer panel, and I didn’t try that. But for it not to work from the main menu is a HUGE mistake.

Anyone else encounter this? I suppose it could be something wacky with my install; you never know.


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