I doubt the auto-select feature is doing this. 

I keep the option on all the time and never had this issue. 

Do you have a quick mask in the file?  It would show up in the channels panel (Windows > Channels).

If so, delete the quick mask and you're good to go!

On Wed, Jan 8, 2020 at 11:30 AM Griswold, Britt (GSFC-279.0)[LUSA Associates] <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Did you do just a reboot or a complete shutdown and restart?

When you say "hold down the key", you mean hold down the mac Command key to temporarily change the selection tool to the Move Tool (V)? If you change to the actual Move Tool, do you get the same result?

You might also research some way to rip out any Tool preferences file that may be hiding in the Adobe files. If that were to regenerate, it might solve some problems...


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    Anyone have any ideas or run into this too?

    Using CC on a Mac 10.12.6.  It worked well for 3 months and today when I select and area with my lasso tool and hold down the key to move that section, the whole layer moves.  If I use the arrow keys I can move just the selection, but that is not how it should be.  Have restarted the program and restarted the Mac. 

    Hate to have to call Adobe, but that may be next step...

    Help!  -  Taina     

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