HI All:
Is there a central clearing-house of known art scammers?
I know Artists for Conservation had a members-only page with a listing of suspected and confirmed scammers of people trying to scam fine art.  But they said it has not been transferred to their new website. 

I was not a victim, but I was corresponding with a potential buyer via email.  They were good, real good. It was quite like many of the other clients and folks who have purchased.  Very businesslike, cordial, no strange grammar or misspellings :)
However, they did give themselves away and that's when it went to Red Alert.  I'm now reporting the case to the Arizona Attorney General's office. There was good advice on the Federal Trade Commission's site.

It seems to me that a list of scammers would helpful to us independent artists. How are we to know?  Is it something illegal about posting their names and emails? might be tricky. 

If anyone knows of a place, I think the more of us that know about it the better. It may be that people are embarrassed that they might be scammed, or actually scammed, and then we never know about it.

Thank you,
Linda M. Feltner Artist LLC
P.O. Box 325, Hereford, AZ 85615


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