The push and pull between traditional and digital tools is an interesting debate. The problem is I agree with both sides of it. 


So maybe one of the most important lessons you can learn is how to make your art look like your own using digital tools. But you won’t have a look that is your own if you don’t understand what a brain produces through the hands – also learn a robust 3D program, or you are sunk business wise…. 😉


Developing an attractive style, and being efficient at it is what separates you from everyone else. And unless you find a highly specialized niche that affords you the luxury of creating fabulous art by hand, you will need digital tools to complete your paying jobs.




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Sorry it's a little late to jump in here but I'm a 2009 graduate of the CSUMB program (then UCSC) and I highly, HIGHLY recommend it. I've had my own science illustration/graphic design business for over ten years and I could never have done it without that program.


I will mention that in 2009 the program was very focused on traditional media - I'd say at least 2/3, maybe 3/4 of our coursework was traditional. It made sense at the time but I really feel like digital illustration has taken the lead in the industry recently with new tools like iPads & Adobe's new software for them. So I hope the program has started to put more emphasis on digital to match the changing field. It would be nice to see them incorporate some 3-D graphics and 3-D animation. Recent grads, what's the program like these days?





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