Dear Laurence et al,

Some major museums are extremely pleased to be able to voucher material from interesting studies. It increases the representation, recency, data coverage/ time series and citation relevance of the collection in their care, so if it is a collection that employs Collections Management staff they may be pleased to assist.

Some collections are mothballed or sidelined - especially if all the staff have other priorities/ primary responsibilities. Others have unfortunately little or no investment, and some do not make material available (i.e. by allowing visitors/ having a loan system).  It is generally pretty easy to see if a collection is 'active' and alive or if it is in stasis.

Perhaps the instructions for authors, as a flexible document, might actually recommend institutions which accept/ welcome deposition of vouchers, with contact details?

best wishes


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Insects: Coleoptera
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Subject: vouchering query

Some of you may know that the Royal Entomological Society Journal Editors have discussed how to improve taxonomic validation
in papers they publish.
A sticking point for some is the need to voucher material given that many museum collections do not have the capacity to house
much material.
I am seeking guidance on what to recommend - are some of you willing to accept vouchers of particular taxonomic groups?  Of
particular taxonomic groups, or all insects, from particular geographic areas?
If you'd like to reply to me directly rather than through the listserv please email me at [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>


laurence packer