It is good RES is doing this.  All journal editors should insist on some vouchers deposited in a public institutional collection for all, especially for non-taxonomic papers - taxonomists regularly do this. 
Also for taxonomic papers journal editors should not allow publications that deposit primary types in private collections, i.e.,  inaccessible to all science.

Some collections actually charge a archiving fee for vouchered collections that helps the maintenance costs of such storage long term, but some institutions can better afford to store reasonable amounts.

Also all l universities should require degrees that used biological material to have vouchers deposited as part of granting the degrees.

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External Email - Exercise Caution

Some of you may know that the Royal Entomological Society Journal Editors have discussed how to improve taxonomic validation
in papers they publish.
A sticking point for some is the need to voucher material given that many museum collections do not have the capacity to house
much material.
I am seeking guidance on what to recommend - are some of you willing to accept vouchers of particular taxonomic groups?  Of
particular taxonomic groups, or all insects, from particular geographic areas?
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laurence packer