Greetings, one and all!

My time as Gold Falcon nears its end. I'm pleased to announce that Zaneta
Baseggio, current Eyas Herald, will be stepping up at the 22nd Principal
Herald for Calontir at Crown Tournament in April.

A couple of other changes are in store as well! Eynon Llangenydd will step
down as Blue Hawk Herald/Clerk of Precedence. Konstantia Kaloethina,
current Lanner Herald/Ceremonies, will be transitioning into that new role.
Gunnar Thorisson will end his time as Vert Hawk Herald/Online Armorial,
with Giovanni Loredan taking over. Giovanni will turn over his current role
as Kite Herald to Ximena Echeberria.

Zaneta and I will be looking for replacements for Eyas and Lanner Heralds.
There may be some additional openings come open as time progresses.

It has been my honor to serve the Crown and Kingdom during this time.

Brigida Gold Falcon

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