Ave, Calontir! Though you may have heard rumors of barbarian rumbling on the borders of the Heartland empire, agitating for a war of Lilies, though you may hear of the army travelling south to take up arms alongside Trimaris, let not your hearts be troubled!
I bring you a good report from Their Majesty’s court at ancient Tournament of Chieftains on the calends of Martius, Anno Societatus 54:
Li Jun Quan, Torse
Lisette of Three Rivers, Golden Calon Swan
Violette of Three Rivers, Golden Calon Swan
Eli of Three Rivers, Queen’s Chalice and Falcon’s Claw
Nemesis Erycina, known as Eryce, Golden Calon Swan
Frøygæirr Fasthaldi, Award of Arms
Hildibrandr Tjúguskegg, Torse
Auga Ormstunga, Torse
Ashland de Mumford, a boon begged for the Laurel
Rejoice with me, o Calontir, and send your good tidings and well-wishes to those recognized in Their Majesties’ Court who so well deserved their fame.
Hugonis Harlonii dominus
Herald to Their Majesties

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