I'm not sure about that reasonable price part, but I love my Fujitsu 
ScanSnap (mine is model ix1500, they have others). I use it for all 
quick scans, receipts and documents. Once you get the settings (not a 
big thing and there lots of options) you can load it up with a bunch of 
papers (of many sizes, even at once), press the button and stand back. 
It scans very fast with very clean images.

It's not cheap but it does work like a champ, IMHO worth every penny. We 
used to have a Neat portable scanner, that was pokey and slow.

You might be able to get a bundle with Paperless software, that's slick 
as well. You can organize everything into libraries and collections 
within libraries. Not essential but nice.I use it to keep all of my 
receipts (paper and online charges), deposit slips, various documents 
when I want a backup record.


On 2/4/20 12:45 PM, MaryBeth Hinrichs wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a flat-bed scanner for art that works very well. But, we are 
> entering the downsizing phase of life and all that can be digitized 
> will be. Does anyone have a recommendation for a speedy document feed 
> scanner (8.5 x 11" sheets mostly) that produces clear scans and does 
> so for a reasonable price? Is there such a beast?
> Thank you,
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> MaryBeth Hinrichs
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